Living with not-so-happy years

O, here we are with another infected year, yes survivors(the one with masks on, sanitizer as a weapon, and social distancing as a strategy), piercing through fake messages, anxieties, feeling of languishing and homebound like a curse (for people who has a habit of talking to nature and wandering for cutting boredom). We have already made it quite long with so many barriers in our way and still fighting like real warriors—the battle with no actual weapons but within our own minds. Dreamlike thoughts that are supposed to make us happy in turn haunt us like nightmares.

Last year was less chaotic and wasn't such havoc. With the loss of more close people, this definitely is a worse-than-ever year. On another thought, the mutation in the virus has given it a new power: power to kill people in more masses. As you may have heard about, the virus is now in the air, be it a person resting at home is prone to get infected. The world is turning into a Thespian. Been a long that you've seen a child going to school, the crowd that used to appear on roads has completely disappeared. Well, once it was our normal. But being homebound or quarantined isn't.

All the cakes we baked last year or the dishes we cooked, doesn't adore us now. What we really are waiting for this year and pretty excited about is getting vaccinated no matter what it takes. No movies. No songs or online games as we have been there uplifts our mood. We are eager for gates to open, gates that limit our creativity, gates that has contained our potential.

If we summarize these years, it could be a Netflix with no chill, a thrill ride with mostly downfalls- we are still obscure about when the virus will permanently eradicate. Until it happens, we as an individual should follow every protocols that we have been directed to follow. Let's just Netflix and chill at home so that our life doesn't become one horror movie with a sad ending.



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some unfiltered thoughts,some agonies,some essence of life and everything nice ✨